Electro-Magnetic Signature Analysis

Electro-Magnetic Signature Analysis

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Our Electrical Engineers are world-class experts with a wealth of experience, which we bring to our clients when supporting their projects. Charles Taylor Technical Services (CTTS) offers Electrical Engineering related services, including high-level consulting, design review, advanced state-of-the-art testing, and forensic investigations and analyses for the petrochemical, insurance, energy, heavy electrical power, gaming, high-tech, utilities, and manufacturing industries, on a global scale.

Our Services

Charles Taylor Technical Services (CTTS) applies Electro-Magnetic Signature Analysis (EMSA) diagnostic technology to owners and operators of critical electrical power apparatus.

EMSA technology is a non-invasive test that is applied to fully energized and operational electrical equipment and circuits. EMSA testing is performed during normal operations (without the need for a plant shutdown), without any risk of tripping or other adverse operational situations. EMSA testing is sophisticated and highly accurate method of testing electrical equipment and apparatus. The test is performed online and while energized.

CTTS maintains a deep bench of highly skilled and qualified Professional Electrical Engineers to successfully perform this advanced testing service. Our professional staff has many years of experience related to large power electrical apparatus, including generators, isophase bus, transformers, switchgear, and other related electrical apparatus. We have identified over 70 different adverse conditions which can and often do lead to electrical breakdown and even failure. Our expert staff lead the industry as pioneers in the application of EMSA, with extensive research and experience over the past 5 decades.

Examples of Projects and Services:

Power Plant

Nuclear, Fossil, Combined Cycle, Hydro, Wind and Solar

Industrial Facilities

Large Manufacturing, Metals Production and Mining


Gaming Casinos, Shopping Malls and Data Centers


Hospitals, Correctional Facilities, Colleges and Universities

Transportation & Logistics

Air, Land, Sea and Rail